Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday Haul: H&M, Kohls & Sephora inside Jcpenney

So what I was really excited was the H&M scratchcard giveaway for Black Friday, as you can win up to a $300 gift card. I stood in line for a little over an hour for the midnight opening and ended up getting a $50 off $75, an hour well spent if you ask me. I got 2 blazers ($15 for the maroon, $20 for a plaid w/black trim (which I plan on returning), 1 dress ($49.95 not on sale) and a top ($10). Sorry for the bad pictures, maybe next time I'll model them instead, clothes always look better on a form then laid out.
Off course all 3 items above are keepers, they actually look great with everything, the dress is a shiny material and has this nice pattern going on. As for the white shirt I was sure of it when I first saw it since the top was sheer and the bottom half was a double layer but after trying it on with the blazer above I knew it was a keeper. Not to mention there are two gold buttons that make this top look chic.
Next I was really excited to head over to Jcpenney since they started a promotion on Black Friday that goes until 11/24 where you go to any register and ask for a free button. On the back of these buttons there is a code where you type in on their site to win a number of different prizes (gift cards, electronics, vacation). The odds are pretty well as I checked the site, 1 in 8 will win a $5 gift card to Jcpenney and did I mention, there is no purchase necessary to receive a button. I was hoping to get the Ole Henriksen three little wonders set for $10 and stopped by the one inside Jcpenney and thankfully they still had a few left (I was there around 10am). I used a $10 gift card I received from the app Wrapp (where you can give & receive free $5 gift cards to Sephora, Gap, H&M to name a few). At the cash register the cashier gave me two buttons and I entered them online and won $5 and $10 from them, what a great deal. Unfortunately they cannot be used at the Sephora inside Jcpenney but free is free.
Check out LC Lauren Conrad Collection @ Kohl's
Finally before Black Friday, on Thursday I moseyed on over Kohl's website since they already started their deals online. I have always been a fan of Lauren Conrad, and I do like some of the designs she comes out with in her Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad line. So I went and bought a few things since some others were just overpriced even with the 40-50% off discount on her line. I got this sweater dress for $24 (sale for $30 + 20% + 6% cashback) since I love cutout sweaters especially if it has leaves like this one does, I also love the color it came in. The blazer ($16, on sale for $20) I like since it has two colors and its a tuxedo look to it and it would look like a great casual blazer, and lastly I got a bra just because I needed one.
The order that I made on Thursday from Kohl's also arrived today, so I was able to post reviews of the items that I got.

LC Lauren Conrad Ruched Blazer

I love the way this blazer looks but it came to me really wrinkled and I did not like how the opening at the bottom looked on me. I will probably keep it for a few more days and try it out with other things to see how it looks.


LC Lauren Conrad Pointelle Sweaterdress

The color of this dress actually does not look as bright as this stock picture shows but I love this. The belt that came with it looks cheap but other than that this is a keeper. It is flattering and adds curves to my tomboy frame. I also like the back where there are two bowties that makes this dress unique.

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