Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Sale: Aerie 40% off & AE 30% off + free shipping

So I have been back from Florida a few days and definitely feel a change, it is not as hot up here as it is down here and it is weird driving with the speedometer back on the left side (my rental car had it in the middle of the car so weird). Anyway with Labor Day coming up, retailers are cooking up some great sales, especially Aerie who is having 40% off their entire selection (clearance included) online and in stores AND there is free shipping to boot. I had to do a double take when I saw the discount as 40% is rarely offered. Just type in code 70423781 at checkout to receive the discount, as for American Eagle they are offering a decent 30% off when you use code 70423781. Discount starts today and ends September 3rd, happy shopping!
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Amazon - 20% off Shoe & Handbag Purchase

Calling all fashionistas! Amazon is currently offering a 20% off discount (up to $1000 purchase) on shoes and handbags when you sign up for their shoe store emails. Since I have been on the watch for a Rebecca Minkoff Swing and Mini Mab, this could not have come at a better time (now I just have to speed up on getting my Amazon gift cards see article How My Ipod Touch Paid for Itself - 4 Apps to Download for more info). Since Amazon sells virtually every brand, you are bound to find something you like! However I am not sure when the coupon expires as I am waiting a bit before I get my coupon in case the expiration date is relevant to when you signed up.

PS. I will be going on a road trip starting tomorrow to Orlando, and will not return until the end of the month, so unfortunatly no updates until then.

A sample of brands they carry for shoes.
A sample of brands they carry for handbags.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Daily Deals for Fashion & Beauty Enthusiasts

Killer fashion/beauty deals? Sign me up! Featured Deal: NYX Lucky Kit $13.50

I am sure all of you guys have heard of daily deal sites such as Groupon and Living Deal Social but up until now I haven't heard of one catered toward fashion/beauty lovers, this is where Lucky magazine comes in. They have launched a daily newsletter entitled Lucky Daily (to sign up just for this make sure you uncheck the weekly newsletter otherwise you will get both the daily & weekly) where they have a great discount on all things beauty & fashion, what is not to love about that? I love getting these emails on a daily basis since I can enduldge and know that I am getting a great bargin. Check out today's daily deal above. Below is also a deal they had lately that was a great deal unfortunatly I could not afford :(

Stella & Dot Waverly Three Way Bag for $129 (50% off)

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Friday, August 10, 2012

H&M 20% off Entire Purchase + $15 off $75

EDIT: Even though the 20% off your entire purchase is no longer valid, the $15 off $75 purchase offer is still valid until the end of the month!

So as a fan of H&M I found this incredable deal that is happening tomorrow at H&M stores, Teen Vogue is hosting a Back to School event at select malls across the nation along with discounts for back to school shopping tomorrow. H&M is participating and they are offering 20% off your entire purchase, since all the coupons I have seen for H&M are for one item, having 20% off the entire purchase is pretty enticing. Downside is you need to have an Iphone or Ipod Touch to download their app to receive most of the discounts (other discount are for online usage). All you need to do to take advantage of the offer is to open the app at H&M tomorrow and redeem!

Click here to see other discounts being offered tomorrow.

Part of why I am so excited about this 20% off your entire purchase is that, there is also another H&M deal going on at My Linkables. This website requires you to link a credit card that you use and you can link offers that they currently have to your account. For the month of August they have an H&M deal where if you spend $75 you will receive $15 back from them in the form of Paypal. The deal is valid for the whole month of August, so even if you do not get to take advantage of the 20% you can still get 20% off since $15 off $75 is 20%.

So if you are able to take advantage of both of these offers you will be able to save up to 33% off (that is only if you spend the minimum to take advantage of the deal; spend at least $94 to qualify for both offers. $94.00 * 20% = $75.0-, $75.20-$15.00=$60.20).
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Little Ways to Save More

The title of this post is what I usually think when I see people who could do little things to save money, like for instance a signing up for a CVS Extra Care card. If you do not like carrying around a bunch of reward cards, CVS has you covered since you only need to provide your phone number to get savings. Not to mention I get all my drugstore brand beauty fix from them, they offer so many deals that it is hard not to take advantage. Below are just a few things I thought that can save everyone some money when they are making a clothing or beauty purchase. If you also haven't noticed a lot of discounts are now found on electronics whereas before I used to remember stores would send you coupons in the mail along with a small booklet showcasing their newest arrivals. Now we can save some trees in the process of saving!

Signing up for reward cards
Refer to my guide to beauty reward programs for more info (Beauty Reward Programs - How to Get More From Your Beauty Purchases)
A well known way to save is a reward card or a loyalty card at stores. A lot of stores now have a rewards program where you get perks if you shop their often enough. Even though a lot of stores have one that does not give you free reign to sign up for all of them, these things take up space in a wallet. So I would advise signing up for a few and mainly to stores you shop at often so you can rack up the rewards. For example Express has a new rewards program where you can get rewarded once you spend $200 (although it may seem a lot, if you shop there once every quarter and spend $50 you already have $200 right there).

Here are some of my favorite reward programs:
Ulta - spend as little as $50 per quarter and receive a freebie of your choice, refer to Ulta website for more info
Sephora - free birthday gift that changes yearly, receive deluxe samples when you spend $100 ($1 per 1 point)

As you can see I do not really have a lot of rewards card since I do not spend a lot at stores, I try to use discounts on everything I purchase.

Shop Early
Like the saying early bird catches the worm, the earlier during the day you shop the better selection. Same goes for earlier during the week, the weekend tends to be more busy at stores/malls therefore you will not only have to deal with long lines but also a picked over selection.

Price Adjustments
If you like sales, then this is a great option for those always on the hunt for a bargain. Price adjustments are good if you are the type of person who likes to carry around receipts of all the purchases that you make, because like most people I use to just dump out my receipts. A lot of store policies are if the item you bought has lowered in price usually within 14 days (or 10) you can bring the receipt in and they will refund you the difference. I noticed however that some stores require you to also bring in the item and receipt to get a price adjustment to make it harder on people to do so. If you frequent the mall on a weekly basis, this is a great way to technically get your moneys worth on your trip to the mall.

I currently receive some magazines and sometimes they have coupons in them, or alert me to freebies at certain stores. For example Seventeen magazine offers their readers free items from time to time, currently they are offering a mini size Orly nail polish at Ulta. If you do not want to spend money on a magazine, try subscribing if you read it often enough. If not always be on the lookout for free magazine subscriptions (I currently do not pay for any of my magazine subscriptions). Check out blog Hunt 4 Freebies for free magazine subscriptions from time to time.

If you have a Facebook account, liking your favorite retailer or brand has its perks. For example Bath & Body works releases coupons for a trial size of their newest scents. Free lotion anyone? I have accumulated over a dozen of these freebies over the past year or so, so it definitely pays to 'Like' something.

Here are some pages I recommend for liking:
Victoria's Secret - occasionally releases coupons for a free pair of panties with or without purchase, around the holidays they have previously done a secret rewards promo where you could win gift cards with amounts $10, $25, $50, $100 or $500 (no purchase necessary)
Cvs / Minute Clinic / Cvs Beauty Club - all are apart of the Cvs brand, and they have freebies for their fans. Right now you can get a free 2 oz. Cvs brand sunscreen when you like Minute Clinic

Also be sure to check out my articles:
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From in-store to online, check out the places where you can get samples, cash back and more!
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Hope any of these tips help you save more. Any suggestions on what I should write about? Leave a comment to let me know!
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