Monday, November 19, 2012

Amazon 20% off Select Handbags & Shoes

See which shoes & handbags qualify for the sale!
Curse you Amazon for having so many great deals, since the last 20% on handbag and accessories ended last Friday I thought it be a bit before they came out with another discount. But low and behold today I see they are doing the promo again as a Black Friday week sale (thru the 21st). What is great is that this time not only it is on handbags but also on shoes, (woot woot!) however it says on select, which means not all items will work, guess you will just have to do a trial and error. Just enter code: WNTRSHOE at checkout. Check back later this week as I will be posting more great deals for Black Friday!

Cole Haan 'Air Nancy 2' Boot

On a side note, I have been eying two pairs of Cole Haan kids boots (which I find most people who wear size 8 and under can fit) to fill my riding boot void, not to mention replace a current boot that is dying a slow death as I write this. After seeing someone wearing one of them, I lost interest in one of them and am only interested in one pair (the one you see above). I love how it has two tones and that it is a really versatile piece that can be worn with anything. Still eyeing them and hope they go down even more, with the 20% they are decent enough of a price but I am still holding out for a better deal. Wish me luck!


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