Monday, June 18, 2012

Beauty Savings - Sephora Benefit Moisturizer Purchase

So I have been on a tight budget lately since I am down one job so here is a recent purchase I made at Sephora during their 15 Days of Beauty Thrills. I was in the market for a new moisturizer and after searching and trying on different samples I settled on this one from Benefit. I love how this feels light, and after having it on for a whole day it makes my combination skin feel not oily like other moisturizers do. So with my already saved Viggle (Learn more about Viggle here: How My Ipod Touch Paid for Itself - 4 Apps to Download ) points for Sephora gift cards, I knew that scoring this at a great deal was highly likely.

With my 5 eGift certificates I was looking to buy up to $50 worth of goods to also get free shipping but when I called in my order I also found something about Sephora's new site that did not make me a happy camper, they could only accept 3 eGift certificates since their new system would only allow that many. Their old system allowed much more. So I took out the other item in my basket and just bought my much needed moisturizer. Since it was the last day of Sephora's 15 Days of Beauty Thrills they were offering their best deal yet, 10% off so even though I could not use 5 of my eGift cards 10% off did help offset some of the shipping I had to pay. Here is how I made out..

Price of item $28.00
Sephora 10% off ( - $2.80 )
Tax ( + $1.57 )
Shipping ( + $5.95 )
Paid a total of $2.74 a savings of 90% of the original $28. Plus I will be getting back $1.23 from Cashback site Big Crumbs (5 % cashback)

Here are some guides that are relevant to helping you save at your favorite beauty stores online:
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From in-store to online, check out the places where you can get samples, cash back and more!
Cashback 101
Save more money online by using cashback sites

Don't have a device to download Viggle? click continue to read on how else to save at Sephora!

If you guys do not have an Iphone, Ipod Touch or an Android, you can still save at Sephora, here is how:

- Sign up for a Cashback site to receive apart of your purchase back
- Sign up for Sephora's Beauty Insider to know about discounts like their Friends & Family Event (usually 15% off your purchase)
- Some credit cards offer gift cards as rewards like Citi, not sure if they offer Sephora gift cards but they do offer a great variety of them!


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