Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shoe Savings - American Eagle Gladiator Flats

Pictures taken from the AE website

So this is my first official post of the new Pretty Little Savings, and I am going to start off with my most recent shoe purchase. I recently bought a pair of sandals that didn't fit my staple wardrobe bill but since I had a gift card from American Eagle, I bit the bullet and bought it since they had a 40% off sale during Memorial Weekend. The shoes seem to be sold out now but, when I was previously watching the shoes bi-weekly to see if they were on sale or if my size was still available something weird happened. When the sale hit they were no where to be found on the site, disappointed I came up empty during the sale and a few days later looked at the site again and there they were, I quickly bought them. Now my dilemma is how to wear them, I already own a pair of gladiator sandals and always feel like they make me look shorter, of course I could pair them with shorts, but how about dresses? Decisions, decisions.

Here are tips on how I scored these for $29.70 from regular $49.50.
- Used $20 Gift Card (present)
- Used a gift card that I had from a return I made from AE
- Got $0.83 in cash back from Big Crumbs, 2.8% cashback (check out Cashback 101 for more info)
- Waited until they were on sale (practically stalked these for at least a month)
- I remember when my gym teacher from elementary school told us that if we really wanted something instead of buying on impulse to wait for 2 months and if the time passed and we still wanted it that shows that the buy wasn't impulsive but worth the wait.

If you guys read my article: How My Ipod Touch Paid for Itself - 4 Apps to Download then you could use gift cards you've earned to save even more!
Overall paid $8.87 a 82% savings from the original $49.50 price tag!

Free Shipping alert! Urban Outfitters is offering free shipping, no minimum until 6/14 3AM EST, and there is no code needed so shop away!

Anyone have suggestions on how to style my sandals? comment below to let me know! Btw Aerie is currently having their annual sale, where bras are $9.99 and up!


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