Friday, August 10, 2012

H&M 20% off Entire Purchase + $15 off $75

EDIT: Even though the 20% off your entire purchase is no longer valid, the $15 off $75 purchase offer is still valid until the end of the month!

So as a fan of H&M I found this incredable deal that is happening tomorrow at H&M stores, Teen Vogue is hosting a Back to School event at select malls across the nation along with discounts for back to school shopping tomorrow. H&M is participating and they are offering 20% off your entire purchase, since all the coupons I have seen for H&M are for one item, having 20% off the entire purchase is pretty enticing. Downside is you need to have an Iphone or Ipod Touch to download their app to receive most of the discounts (other discount are for online usage). All you need to do to take advantage of the offer is to open the app at H&M tomorrow and redeem!

Click here to see other discounts being offered tomorrow.

Part of why I am so excited about this 20% off your entire purchase is that, there is also another H&M deal going on at My Linkables. This website requires you to link a credit card that you use and you can link offers that they currently have to your account. For the month of August they have an H&M deal where if you spend $75 you will receive $15 back from them in the form of Paypal. The deal is valid for the whole month of August, so even if you do not get to take advantage of the 20% you can still get 20% off since $15 off $75 is 20%.

So if you are able to take advantage of both of these offers you will be able to save up to 33% off (that is only if you spend the minimum to take advantage of the deal; spend at least $94 to qualify for both offers. $94.00 * 20% = $75.0-, $75.20-$15.00=$60.20).

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