Monday, July 9, 2012

July Haul - Gap Eyelet Dress, Peplum Top & Gap Belts

So it has only been a week into July and it seems that I broke my own rule to only buy 2 clothing pieces a month. However I did score some awesome deals, I always find that at the end of June/beginning of July retailers have the best deals along with the post Christmas sales in January. Below are most of the items I bought this past week along with the ways that I scored them for much less.

Gap Eyelet Dress - Originally $69.95 / On Sale for $36.99 + extra 40% off

Hollister Bay Street Peplum Top Originally $39.50 / On Sale $34.90 + additional 50% redlines
EDIT: Price was lowered to $9.45 (Extra 50% off $18.90)
No price adjustment but I bought it and am planning to return the other one I bought, thankfully I did not remove the tags yet!

Gap Belts Originally $24.50 each / On Sale $9.99 + Extra 40%
Forever 21 Coral Necklace $6.90
Forever 21 Spandex Shorts $3.90 (not pictured)
Also forgot to mention that I scored two Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Sprays (mini size) at Sephora for free when I cashed in 100 Beauty Insider points each (read more about it here: Beauty Reward Programs - How to Get More From Your Beauty Purchases). They are currently selling for $12 each in stores & online. Really glad I waited to cash in on my points. I don't know why the Sephora site lists them as 0.34 oz but the ones I have and previously bought are 0.5 oz.

Click below to see how I scored most of these for less!

Gap Eyelet Dress - Originally $69.95 / On Sale for $36.99 + extra 40% off / Final Cost: Free
I absolutely love this dress, even though I have not gotten around to wearing it since it is on the thicker side on the bottom (it has 2 layers but the material is thick). Great buy especially since it can be worn when it is on the cooler side, along with the extra 40% it came around to $22 but with my Gap gift cards that I have saved up from Viggle (read more about Viggle here: How My Ipod Touch Paid for Itself - 4 Apps to Download). So I ended up getting the dress for free, which made me a happy camper considering it originally costs $69.95 and at the time I screen captured the image it cost more on sale online then it did in stores.

Hollister Bay Street Peplum Top Originally $39.50 / On Sale $34.90 + additional 50% redlines / Final Cost: 17.45
No discount besides the obvious, the store was having an extra 50% off redlines so the price ended up to be $17.45. I always wait on things I like from here even though they have good quality items I know they always go on sale. As for the top itself I really liked this top since it has pleats on both sides in the front and a peplum bottom. Since I did not own anything peplum I decided to splurge even though it was a little bit on the pricey side. However I am not sure on this, they seem to have implemented a new texting program, where they send out texts on sales and discounts. Check their website to sign up or for more info.

Gap Belts Originally $24.50 each / On Sale $9.99 + Extra 40% / Final Cost: Free
With their additional 40% off sale items I grabbed two belts for $6 a piece on a different occasion during the week, I have been eyeing the brown belt last month when I bought my pink one and it was not on sale then. Of course who can forget my Gap gift cards obtained from Viggle (How My Ipod Touch Paid for Itself - 4 Apps to Download) where I used to purchase these belts for free.

Everything else below was bought at retail price, can't beat Forever 21s pricing on most things. But if you sign up for their email newsletter they do occasionally have discounts but mostly online.

Forever 21 Coral Necklace $6.90
I instantly fell in love with this necklace since it takes my outfit from casual to dressy.

Forever 21 Spandex Shorts $3.90 (not pictured)
Since I needed a pair of shorts to wear under my short dresses, this fit the bill and they can also be used as gym shorts, overall a great buy that could not be beat.

Finally I am well aware that the app I talked about Viggle is only for Iphone/Andriod users so look for another article coming soon on how you can save without using either of those!

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