Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swagbucks - Search & Win

Today I will be posting about Swagbucks (referral), a website where you essentially get rewarded for searches you would usually be doing. For me I have been using Swagbucks since late 2009, and have redeemed for over $300 in giftcards from Amazon (450 swagbucks for $5). How it works is whenever you search you can win anywhere from 7 - 50 swagbucks (it is all random), although  you cannot get points for every search. It definitely  helps when you have the search bar since in the beginning I would always forget to go to the site and do my searches. What is great is that there are other ways you can earn swagbucks, most recently I have been doing surveys which had paid me 125 swagbucks  for just a few minutes of my time, others can be as long as 40 minutes long but the amount you earn varies (from 20-300 swagbucks). You can get points from watching videos in the Swagbucks Tv, and lets not forget Swag Codes (if you like them on Facebook or follow then on Twitter) they release codes on a daily basis.

In terms of rewards Besides Amazon gift cards, they offer a bunch of other rewards in their catalog like Sephora, gift cards to name a few. The Amazon gift cards in $5 denominations are the best value and since I am trying to save up for a Rebecca Minkoff Swing, I am trying to save up my gift cards right now so that I can score it for free because who wants to pay for something when you can earn points to get it for less? Therefore I would really appreciate it if you guys can sign up under my referral link, and how referral's work is that whenever the person you referred wins swagbucks during searches the person you who referred you wins those points also (up to 1000 swagbucks).

Search & Win


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