Thursday, March 1, 2012

January/February 2012 Haul

Since started keeping track of what I spend a few months ago, I realized that I actually only bought 3 items of clothing in February along with 4 accessory items so I combined my January haul along to show you guys how I managed to score deals without breaking the bank! Feel free to leave a comment or email me at if you want more information on an item or how I obtained the savings. But note that if you leave a comment I will only be able to respond if you leave your email.

On a side note I did not realize how hard it was to take pictures of my items, took a few tries and different placements to finally get everything to look decent. I definitely give props to fashion bloggers who take the time and effort to take pictures of their outfits. Speaking of fashion bloggers I also contemplated wearing the items and showcasing them that way but then I realized that this is not a fashion blog. Don't mind the random photoshop in some of these images, I had to get rid of the background of my messy room, otherwise these images have been Instagramed!

H&M Dividend Birds Dress $19.96
I went into H&M with a 20% off coupon hoping to score something nice and I found this awesome bird print dress. It has definitely become one of my favorite dresses just because I love the print so much, originally $24.95 and received the coupon because I signed up for their newsletter. Note: If you are a first time subscriber to their mailing list you can receive a 20% off one item coupon!

Merona Teal Dress $16.78
This was a completely random find that I found while browsing the clearance section and while I originally bought a black one, I changed my mind when I found out Target also sold this in maroon and this emerald number. I love that this dress is so versatile where it can be dressed up or down that I knew it would be a good investment. Originally $29.99 but on clearance for $20.98 I had a 20% off a dress coupon from the Target coupon section online so the total came to $16.78. Note that even though the dress might look navy blue it is more a dark teal color.

Xhilaration Tiered Ruffle Birds Top $11.88
I had been eying this since I saw it when it first came out but was not going to pay $17.99 for a top so when I saw this on the clearance rack I knew I had to grab it before it sold out in my size. Who knew looking for an XS was that difficult, I had to go to three Target's before I found it. It was also funny when I finally found it since it was at a location that I least expected it to be.

Caparros Women's Venezia Pump $29.85
I also had my eye on these lovely pair of pumps, and finally after a return (because of sizing issues) I was able to get them for cheaper since the price dropped with another additional discount on Piperlime and ended up scoring these for about $30 when they originally cost $69. By signing up to their emails, I also knew when to check the site to see if the shoes dropped in price and was in the know of any of their discounts (aka 15%/20%).

H&M Belted Navy Blue Skirt $21.20
I had a merchandise credit and I definitely needed a non-black work skirt so this navy blue one fit the bill, plus it included a bright blue belt. Used a 15% off coupon H&M had sent out for President's Day, skirt was originally $24.95.

Gifting Grace Necklaces $5 each
These are the three necklaces that I bought from the Gifting Grace deal that I posted about two weeks ago. The discount was 50% off all items including sale items, so I managed to score each of these necklaces for $5 each, where one of them retailed originally for 29.99! I love the 2 statement necklaces that I scored since I feel that they definitely add a pop to my otherwise boring work outfits.

Old Navy Black & White Scarf $1
Old Navy Purple Sweater $1
Old Navy Cobalt Blue Skinny Belt $0
So I got all of the above items for really cheap courtesy of the 'Old Navy Snappy App', where I won a $10 off any purchase two times. I won them in January and February, the sweater and scarf I bought for a total of around $12 so with the $10 off I got both items for $2. The App as you already can tell is for Iphone or Ipod touch users, and when you scan and Old Navy logo you can win random items from the App, from puzzle games, discounts, clothing items to what I received a $10 off purchase. Most of the time you will probably win a tidbit from Old Navy like a fact but once in a while you can win some good stuff! While working on this post I also won another $10, even though they only gave me about 2 days to use the discount, I did not find anything worth buying so I ended up with 6 pairs of socks for free.

Here are a few tibits I hope you guys take away from this post:
- You can almost always get a discount on something
- Waiting for something to go on sale gives you time to rethink if you actually need the item in question
- Signing up for your favorite store mailing list gives you discounts


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