Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hard Candy - $1 Off Any Item @ Walmart In Stores

If you were looking for some new cosmetics to try that didn't break the bank, try out the new Hard Candy line that is now only sold in Walmart. If you aren't familiar with them, they use to be sold in stores like Sephora but have now downsized to only selling at Walmart, they are also a sister company of Urban Decay. Seventeen magazine is offering up a printable $1 off coupon for everyone to use on their site. I have yet to try their products at Walmart, but found out that only select Walmart stores sell them, however after finding them at a Walmart store I definitely was intrigued by some of their products. You can find out which stores near you sell these items if you click on the 'store availability' link on the item page. With the low prices and this $1 off coupon, I'll be sure to pick up some stuff before the coupon expires on 3/15!

Below are some items that caught my eye. I love that the blush has shades that blend together as opposed to just having one color. For the lip balm lately I have been obsessed with (I am constantly using my two shades of Cover Girl's Nature Luxe Balm), and with a final price of $2 its worth a shot to try out. As for the primer, I think that its a key item to having if you are planning on wearing foundation, it just helps things glide smoother not to mention make my face feel baby soft.

Has anyone tried any of their products, if so do you have any comments, or suggestions on what is good?


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