Monday, January 16, 2012

Old Navy Clearance + Old Navy Snappy App

So I headed into Old Navy and they were having a massive clearance, I checked out two stores today and even though the prices varied (one had clearance extra 30% and one extra 40%) I still managed to score some cheap stuff. First let me tell you guys about the Old Navy Snappy App, if you like to shop at Old Navy and own an Ipad, Ipod Touch, or Iphone I suggest downloading this app because you can win things when you take a picture of their logo (on a bag, in-stores, online, as long as its their logo) from goodies like jeans, socks, shoes and more.

Today after using it about a handful of times I win a $10 off any purchase, however it expired within 4 days. Along with the extra 40% off clearance + 40% off purchase (apparently the Old Navy near me is an outlet store) I managed to snag a regular priced scarf and a clearance sweater for $1.95! The sweater I snagged was originally around $27 and it was on clearance for $6.99 + the extra 40%. I also found a bunch of Boston College t-shirts and long sleeves for $2.39 after the 40% extra clearance (of course the college will vary on the depending on where you are in the country).

This sweater is similar to what I snagged today in stores but mines is purple :)


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