Monday, January 9, 2012

American Eagle Semi-Annual Sale, Extra 40% on Sale + 20% off

UPDATE: 1/13 American Eagle & Aerie are offering free shipping until 1/17 along with the extra 40% off clearance (discounted when you add to cart) and you can still use code code: 36892051 for an extra 20%, happy shopping!
UPDATE: 1/9 Until tomorrow American Eagle + Aerie is offering free shipping if you buy 3 more items (no code needed) so the sale below still applies but you do not need to order $100 worth of items or anything from 77kids to get the free shipping, just buy 3 items!

American Eagle is at it again with more discounts with their Semi-Annual sale going on in-stores and online, with an extra 40% on clearance and a 20% that you can stack (code: 36892051). However you cannot use coupons in-store along with the extra 40% clearance. A few days back I posted about a similar deal at American Eagle, and below are the items I posted about which are a few dollars cheaper now with the current discount. If you bought something with that discount, you can call their customer service line (1-888-232-4535)and get the difference back since they lowered the prices (you can usually do this if you bought something and the store lowers the price within a 2 week time period). However, this time around there is no free shipping, but if you add something from 77kids like I did below, you can score free shipping!


  1. Nice sale. I would like to follow your blog for latest updates on coupons and offers.

  2. this deal is making me buy more :P. i made an ae purchase last week too using that 25% code