Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hollister Cyber Monday - 40% off & Free Shipping

Hollister is offering 40% off and free shipping on your entire purchase for their Cyber Monday deal that starts today and ends tomorrow when you type in code 35440 at checkout. Note that the code also works on clearance items online.


  1. I used this and was so thrilled, low and behold they charged me $20 for shipping. I placed the order over the phone and gave the associate the promo code, even had her confirm the free shipping and she did! Then I look at my confirmation receipt and there's a $20 shipping charge. I called them and they refused to fix the issue so I'll have to eat the shipping fee. Needless to say I'm done shopping online with Hollister as the customer service associates are extremely demeaning and rude!! But thanks for posting this as I will call them tomorrow with the code in hand (deleted off my e-mail so I didn't have it when I called) and I will also fax them a copy of the e-mail flier to confirm!

  2. ^ Sorry to hear that you got charged for shipping when you werent suppose to. You didn't by any chance use the code above did you? It was only valid 11/27 and 11/28. I know that Hollister is currently having a 25%