Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Haul

So Black Friday was yesterday, and I'm going to let you know what I managed to pick up. I was anticipating the Ipod Touch to go on sale on Amazon and at midnight they had one for $145! However I was not fast enough to grab once since they sold out in less than a minute. I still managed to get one later that day on Amazon for about $70 (after using my gift cards from Amazon that I received from Swagbucks (referral)). Actual price was $178, an $11 saving but still a saving nonetheless. Next I headed to the mall and headed for H&M since they had a promotion for the 1st 100 people (scratch cards up to $300 in value). Did not get there early enough but managed to get a nice blazer & dress at H&M for $15 a piece. Got a free long sleeve at Gap since it was 60% off, which came to $9.98 then used the $5 off I mentioned before (Gap, Gap Kids, Baby Gap $5 off purchase) which is still valid until the 24th of December, along with a $5 credit I had. Nothing really special at the other stores in the mall, so I headed to Kohl's where after much trouble I finally got the LC Lauren Conrad sweater I have been coveting for quite some time for $12.75 (retail $50). All in all, I had a fun and eventful day and managed to even get some fleece lined tights which I have been needing for $4!

Did you guys get anything good that you would like to share?


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